Personalized Approach

Retirement planning doesn’t have to be complicated.

We start with your goals. Your retirement income strategy should be based on your individual needs and goals. We start with our budget and financial tools to determine where you are in your personal plan and create a game plan to achieve your next steps. We help show specific areas of adjustment that can ensure your money is in the right place to work for you – you decide how you’ll invest and save. We walk with you and regularly review and re-balance your plan to ensure your goals are being met and your risk remains within your tolerance. Over time your needs, dreams, and goals may change, or you may experience a life event that impacts you financially. We are here to make sure that your retirement plan still makes sense to you and is achieving your goals.

David Mersereau is focused on meeting the financial and retirement needs of others through implementing financial strategies, coordinating estate planning, securing college funding and guaranteeing your insurance needs are met.

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